Mabanol Xenon Alpha Classic 15W-40 1L

 Mabanol Xenon Alpha Classic 15W-40

Universal Multigrade Engine Oil


Mabanol Xenon Alpha Classic 15W-40 was
developed for universal use and is suitable for
mixed vehicle fleets and construction industry
operations. The performance of this multigrade engine oil meets the requirements
commercial and passenger car diesel engines
as well as that of petrol engines with or without turbochargers.


Mabanol Xenon Alpha Classic 15W-40 is a
multigrade engine oil suited for use in diesel
and petrol engines. The 15W-40 viscosity
range ensures good fluidity and excellent cold
starts in winter and high temperature stability
even under extreme loads.
High-quality base oils together with selected
additives will ensure excellent anti-wear properties and engine cleanliness. The formation
of black sludge will also be avoided.



  • S A E Grade 1 5 W – 4 0
  • A C E A A 3 / B 3
  • A P I S L / C G – 4

Recommended for

  • M B – Sheet 229 . 1

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