Mabanol Xenon Alpha Stellar 5W-40


High Performance Engine Oil

A product made in Germany by the company Mabanol, only BESMIRI GROUP has the right to sell in Albania

Mabanol Xenon Alpha Stellar 5W-  40 is a
high-performance low-friction engine oil designed for use in petrol and diesel engines
including turbocharged and direct injection
engines under all operating conditions .

Theproduct is backward-compatible to MB-Sheet
Mabanol Xenon Alpha Stellar 5W- 40 is a
high-performance low-friction motor oil based
on synthetic technology. Synthetic components and innovative additives combined ensure that the demands of the latest OE M
standards are fully met. Improved anti-wear
and engine cleanliness are ensured even for
the latest extended oil drain intervals.

Mabanol Xenon Alpha Stellar 5W-40 also
excels in providing fantastic cold temperature
extremely low ambient temperatures.


  • SAE Grade 5W-40
  • ACEA A3/B4


  •  M B-Approva l 229.5
  • V W-Norm 502 00/505 00

Recommended for

  • M B – Sheet  226,5
  • B M W Longlife  – 01
  • V W-Norm  501 01
  •  Pors che  A40
  •  Ope l G M-L L-B-025
  •  Renaul t RN 0700/ R N 0710
  •  PSA  B7 1 2296


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