Qualità Dolce Aroma

1 . Sweet, pleasantly aromatic and mellow, with a sweet aftertaste.

Thi s fine blend add s greater strength to the very balanced flavor of co ffee , with a denser cream given by a particular blend of Robusta .




  • Origin Indonesia , Honduras , Brazil , Colombia
  • Arabica  7 0 %
  • Robust  3 0 %
  • Taste Hazelnut , toasted almond
  • Average acidity



2 . Modena Line
Traditional line and very fine porcelain

Line of traditionally shaped cups, made with the finest porcelain, make this product the mitop quality (also available in glass).



  • Traditional FormLinea Modena - Caffè L'Arabica
  • CircumferenceWide
  • Material Fine porcelain or glass

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