What’s the Deal with Virtual Reality? Reality is nr 1 Fantastic Popular.

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Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or VR, is the latest buzzword in the wonderful world of technology. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is a new technology though, it isn’t, but that’s not to say it isn’t something to get excited about.

For those who are wondering what on earth VR is and why you should be getting your knickers or pants in a twist over it, you’ve come to the right place.

We are about to tell you what virtual reality is, how it works and what devices there are currently out there using this wonderful technology that you should make it your business to know about.

Has all the hype about virtual reality intrigued you? What’s going on with this virtual reality stuff anyway?

By now, virtual reality (VR) has probably made it on to your radar screen in some way. Maybe you’ve only heard about it in bits and pieces, or maybe you’ve tried it yourself. Whatever the case, virtual reality feels like it could be the new generation of advanced technology.

Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality headset

So, what’s going on with virtual reality? How does it work? What impact is it having on your brain?

Though I have tried a virtual reality headset before, I realized I really didn’t know that much about it, or what is possible with this technology. I’d never really had virtual reality explained to me in a way I was able to understand.

So, I decided to look into it and found a great video from one of our favorite YouTube channels, The Good Stuff, that takes us into the world of virtual reality, exploring its history, psychology, and why it’s so darn fun!

So what do you think, would you give VR a try?

Now, you may have been thinking to yourself how isolating virtual reality seems. As fun as it is to watch your friend crawl around your living room with funny goggles on their face, wouldn’t VR be much more fun if more people could be involved and experiencing the same thing?

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one with this line of thought, and The Good Stuff created another great video in their series exploring VR that tackles the ultimate in virtual reality, creating a real life Holodeck.

A New Generation of Uses

I am most excited by all the possibilities that advanced technology like virtual reality present. The opportunities for connecting people across cultures, bringing worlds wonders to our homes, enriching the teaching power of classrooms, and so much more are boundless.

Learn more about the Conspiracy of Goodness happening around the world by clicking here!

We are only in the early stages when it comes to fleshing out the broader applications for VR, and where it ends up taking us is unimaginable. It is fascinating to think about where this kind of technology will take us in the next 100 years, and the innovative thinkers that will move us forward.

Another beauty of Virtual Reality? It isn’t just for kids. Spend a little time with this article to see a wonderful video on how it can help us revisit our memories.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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what is vr virtual reality explained

what is vr virtual reality explained

That’s only part of the story though as there is plenty more that goes into creating the fully immersive experience many companies in this field are aiming for. For example, there are lenses for reshaping images into a stereoscopic 3D image, while 100 or 110-degree field of views are on board to ensure whichever way you look, the world created follows you. A high frame rate (minimum of 60fps) is also important to ensure the world reacts as it would in reality in order for the illusion to remain intact.

In terms of input tracking, there are several variations, all of which contribute to creating this fully-immersive world, whether that’s individually or in a combination of forms. Different devices use different components in order to achieve this, ranging from sensors and LEDs to wireless controllers.

For example, Sony PlayStation VR offers 360-degree head tracking by monitoring signals from the nine LED lights around the headset with a PS4 camera. When it comes to head tracking, low latency is a must to ensure there is minimal lag between you turning your head and the world you’re experiencing responding. Some devices are better at this than others, with Oculus Rift being one of the better models.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


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